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Wow Anita - you promised us the content management system would be easy and I never realised how easy it would be!

Thanks so much!

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To keep our customers up to date with search engines, industry changes and our personal company developments we send out our ezine.

We are publishing them on line so you can benefit from this knowledge as well. Now we just blog about it so everyone can join in the discussion!

May/June 07
This month's tip deals with search engine linking and shows you the right way to do it to boost your rankings online.

We also were given a speaking opportunity at Wellington Her Business Network's monthly event. We spoke on protecting your intellectual property online. You can view our speech notes here

April 07
This time we're early! Our usual Search Engine Tip deals with Google rankings again and how to get them and make them stay there. It is packed full of tips to keep your Mac Computer running to full speed from our friends at IFIX here in Wellington.

March 07
A little late as we were not going to produce one but we were talked into it by you! Continues on with the Reducing Spam article (see above link for full article). A little bit about Telecom's Xtra joining with Yahoo and how that now affects your business targeting NZ Customers.

January/February 07
The search engine tips section is all about site maps and how the search engines use them. An added bonus this time is a very interesting article written by our trusted IT Associate Rob from Unite Innovations on getting rid of Sp!m - read the full article Rob from Unite Innovations wrote here.

December 06
Following on from the world wide compliance article, we produced another article publishing demystifying how you appear in Google and where they get the information from that represents you.

November 06
Our first ezine featuring an article on W3C world wide compliance and search engine tips.

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